Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Digitial Studio : This Day Card

I have been using the MDS software a bit lately and plan on doing up a few videos to help anyone else who may choose to use it. This is my first online tutorial video. I will be showing you how to make the card below. Would love some feedback as this is my first tutorial on how I can make it better for you the viewers so if you have time I would appreciate it.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Single Stamps -- New Holiday Collection!

A new, holiday-themed collection of single stamps is now available! The holidays will be here before you know it, and these holiday-themed single stamps may be just what the budget-conscious stamper needs. There are eight different stamps to choose from, six of which coordinate with Framelits dies or punches. Link to the flyer HERE

  • These stamps are available on any order type—customer, demonstrator, workshop, or online.
  • You can find the stamp item numbers on the flyers.
  • Single stamps can be ordered in the online store.
  • These won’t be sent in our typical cases or packaging; they’ll be packaged in cello bags. If you’d like a case for your stamp, you can buy our Clear-Mount Stamp Cases that come in packs of four (item 119105).
  • This offer is available for clear-mount stamps only.
  • The stamps won’t come with a Clear-Mount Block, and you’ll need to buy a block separately if you don’t already have one. The recommended block sizes can be found on the flyer.
  • There’s no limit on how many pieces you can buy.
  • These holiday-themed stamps are only available through 31 January, 2014, so get them while you can!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Stampin up Magnetic Platform

These platforms are available to order now in Australia so if you want one visit my online store or let me know ASAP because they sold out pretty fast during the first release. There is a bit of an important health warning spoken about in the video below by stamper dog. An awareness warning about the strength of the magnet. Its super strong but not in the "mystery men" superhero magnet sense LOL!!
The best thing is that you can store those postit notes now. You no longer have to use them to hold the dies in place as you run them through the machine. They will stay in place!!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Homemade Washi Tape Tutorial

The idea of this sounds like a lot of fun and you could spruce up tape to match colours and favourite designs. Definitely food for thought :)

Monday, 9 September 2013

Coughs and Sneezes

Well it is a bit of a miserable day at home for me. Aches and pains. Sneezing and coughing. YUK so what is one to do whilst wasting the day away in bed feeling sorry for herself well.... Troll the Internet on the ipad. First facebook... Then a few other blogs... Followed by a good hour looking through pinterest!! So I am planning on sharing some of the things that I found were pretty cool today.

Firstly a really cool little envelope idea. I could see making these to include in a project life album or scrapbook page to hold a small memento. Would probably glue two sides together and use two little brads and some linen thread as a closure though so it wasn't too bulky and a nuisance to open and close.

Storage ideas are always on my think list. I currently have all like items in boxes but it still involves some digging around to find what I am looking for. I have a small home with not many storage areas so all my stuff is in two built ins and I am have to move things to find things... I long for the day when I don't have to do that!

This first idea uses those old glad wrap and aluminium boxes as a repurposed Washi tape dispenser. I like this because you can see all the tapes at a glance and the cutting teeth is an added bonus. I can also see in the picture that the boxes have been decorated as well which is pretty cool.
Die storage is another issue for me. The Stampin up ones are fine as I keep them in the plastic envelope they come in but I have heaps of other dies that I keep in an old VHS box. Again I am digging around to find them and each time you can always here me exclaim "oh wow I forgot I had that" hence its time to think of other options. This folder idea looks pretty good so long as they cant slip out and that they are easily accessible. I like in this example how they are viewable. Sourcing the materials might be an issue but I do like the idea.
A small DVD box for embossing folder storage is a top idea. I noticed this has an accompanying booklet with examples. I would probably just emboss smaller 3x3 pieces and add a jump ring to keep them together and have it tucked in the front of the box .. although..... the booklet would also easily fit as well. This booklet is binded so adding more papers might be an issue. I love the numbering system for easy locating and the decorated box looks lovely. If you look in the background the embossed folder is also numbered for easy packup.
Now this is an awesome idea for your punches. I have actually done this with mine. I cut out cardstock, punched and labelled and then laminated them all. I keep them together by hole punching in one corner and added a split ring. This easily allows me to see the punches I have but better still when I stamp an image that I want punched I can lay the laminate card over the top to gauge the size and the punch I need to use. So if you have a bit of time to spare I recommend doing this one. I keep mine in the box with the punches for easy access.
Finally just a quick share of a video. I think I am going to make a few of these up as tree decorations this year in a blue and white theme. I can fill the milk cartons with goodies and use them as gifts.


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

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